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Allen & Heath Mixers

Allen & Heath manufactures a broad range of quality live sound consoles with superb features including responsive EQ, plenty of aux sends, switchable FOH/Stagemix designs, an easy-to-use control surface, and amazing affordability from 8 to 56 channels.


Audio-Technica Microphones & Wireless

We offer a diverse line of quality Audio-Technica wired and wireless mics including the new Microset mini-headworn and the 900 Series installation mics for podium, choir, and boundary applications. We are microphone experts and can help you pick the right mic for the right purpose, no guesswork.


Audix Microphones & Wireless

From the OM Series concert vocal mics to the D Series drum mics, Audix has set new standards for quality, affordability, and unprecedented feedback rejection. Ask us about our favorite handhelds, kick drum mics, installation series, and their phenomenal new wireless systems including the HT5 mini-headworn for pastors. Audix mics are used and endorsed by an ever-growing number of major artists and venues around the world.


Aviom IEM Systems

Aviom has changed the nature of stage monitoring with their ground-breaking 16-channel IEM system. With total monitor control put into the hands of the individual performers, mix flexibility and quality is better than ever before and the house engineer is off the hook! Check out their site and see how multichannel digital transmission is leading us into new sound technologies. (More on our News page.)


Azden VHF Wireless Systems

Azden offers some of the lowest cost systems available, their VHF wireless have proven to be uniquely dependable in our ministry applications and offer innovative features such as right-angle lavalier plugs to reduce cable stress, silent on/off, and transmitter LEDs that remain on to indicate active status. They also have economical camcorder-mount receiver systems for video, and were one of the first to manufacture a mic module that turns any wired mic into a wireless.


Sennheiser UHF Wireless Systems

Sennheiser offers some of the best and most affordable UHF systems in the world. With good mics and dependable reception, it’s hard to go wrong with an EW100 Series system for lapel, handheld, or headworn. We especially favor them for bodypack systems since they are one of the few designs that accept miniphone input connectors which are easier to repair, easier to replace (even Radio Shack has miniphone plugs!), and will accept lapel mics available with a right-angle connector for less stress and failure.


Wharfedale Speakers

Wharfedale has been a major British speaker company for years, but they have now established a new line of pro audio speakers in the US. Our favorites include their economical powered and unpowered subwoofers and a new line of circular horn speakers. Though not the high performance and power of the WorxAudio line below, they offer a lower cost waveguide alternative for smaller rooms and stage monitoring. Check out their SI Series under Wharfedale Pro through their parent website at IAG America.


WorxAudio Speakers

One of the best-kept secrets in the industry, WorxAudio is one of the few companies producing high-performance pro audio speakers and monitors with circular waveguide horns. We prefer waveguides in many of our installs because the design simply retains the sonic integrity of circular high-frequency drivers better than a square horn. In addition, the circular dispersion is as high as it is wide for easy coverage of full floor and balconies. WorxAudio also manufactures an excellent series of line-array speakers and high-powered subwoofers.


Yamaha Pro Audio

Since our inception, Sanctuary Sound has been a major Yamaha supplier and specialist. As such, we’ve introduced and offer the area’s most innovative pro audio equipment including multitrack workstations, system processors, economical speaker systems, and their world-renown line of analog and digital mixers. This site is full of goodies, so grab a sandwich and enjoy the ride.







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