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           There' s More to Sound Ministry

            Than Just Providing Sound .


That’s why Sanctuary Sound is one of the few companies dedicated to church audio consulting and installations. Our intuitive system design, ongoing experience in ministry engineering, and uncompromising sound that fits your room, style, functionality, and budget. And that guarantees a sound fit for any congregation, large or small.




Sanctuary Sound is a bit different from your typical sound consultant/contractor.


We draw from our extensive participation in all applications of sound including music performance, Christian theatre and national concert engineering, live and studio recording, and church staff sound direction, to provide a comprehensive knowledge of how best to fulfill your audio needs. We take a fresh and creative approach to each project and, working from a wealth of experience, are always coming up with new and innovative ideas to optimize sound quality, flexibility, and ease of operation.


Sanctuary Sound boldly goes where few sound providers have gone before.


Along with finding new standards in equipment comes new capabilities. From the programming, processing, and near error-free control features of digital mixing to the lower stage levels and personal freedom of multichannel in-ear monitoring for worship groups, Sanctuary Sound is on the cutting edge of technology for improving the worship environment and eliminating the rampant sound problems normally associated with it.



Sanctuary Sound cares about our relationship and service to the ministry.


We consider ourselves accountable and seek to partner with our customers in meeting their needs, not merely fulfill a business contract and move on. This is fueled by a passion for our work and a desire to be a part of God’s community wherever it calls. We make ourselves available to answer your questions, aid your sound team, offer useful solutions to challenges that arise, and assure that your sound system operates, and is operated, to its maximum potential. This is our promise to you.


















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