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Sanctuary Sound Audio Healthcare Class

About Audio Training Class



Quite frankly, it takes a ministry engineer to understand the unique aspects of sound in the worship environment. It is the one area that involves critical sound and recording applications for speaking, music, drama, and multimedia, all for discriminating ears of every age group, all on high-tech equipment, yet it is usually run completely by non-audio professionals. Though this can be recipe for disaster, it can be a blessing with proper system setup and training.





That's what Audio Healtcare is all about.

Many other seminars where require you travel to set locations for pre-scheduled programs but we come to you, when you choose. The training sessions typically last about 1.5 to 2 hours and cover various topics including the three crucial M's: Microphones, Mixers, and Monitors.  

What to Expect

We teach the basics your team needs to understand your sound equipment and discuss the more valuable advances in audio technology and up-to-date applications. We further provide answers to your specific questions and concerns that most churches experience.  

We evaluate your sound system and any operational problems. We then lead the attendees through a process of more immediate and practical corrections and improvements, including, but not limited to:

  • reset and reconfiguration of the system for ease of use

  • training on proper system operation

  • recommendations for future upgrades


Healthcare training can be scheduled for any day or evening, including morning service days (if urgent) where we use the service itself for further evaluation of system performance and team operation. Corrections are based on immediate improvements during the service, not requiring additional equipment or materials.

Sanctuary Sound - Making Sound Fit - Audio Health Care 

For more information or to schedule a team training session, contact Nigel Kinchlow via email at

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